MITI FESTIVAL Tree Planting Exercise Surpasses Expectations, Kaloito

The Miti Festival Tree Planting Exercise was a resounding success exceeding all expectations. The MITI FESTIVAL tree planting exercise came after President Ruto’s directive of Planting 15 billion trees by the year 2032 . The week-long event culminated in the planting of an incredible 35,400 trees, far surpassing the initial goal of 15,000. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of all those involved, including our key stakeholders WWF-Kenya, as well as the many other volunteers who participated.

Targeted Areas and Tree Species

The tree planting exercise focused on four specific areas: Loitokitok forest, Entarara forest, Kimana, and Loitokitok town. A variety of tree species were planted, including:

* Acacia Robusta
* Grevelia
* Cypress
* Olea africana
* Thevetia
* Croton Dycogomous
* Warburgia ugandensis
* Musimi tree / Christmas tree
* Nandi Flame
* Vitex Kinienses
* Codia Abyssinica
* Dombeya
* Olea alata

Day-by-Day Planting Activities

The tree planting exercise commenced on November 13th with the planting of 10,000 trees in the Loitokitok forest. The following day, 6,500 trees were planted in the Entarara forest, including on farms surrounding the forest.

On November 15th, the focus shifted to Loitokitok town and government offices, where 3,000 trees were planted. Additionally, 4,300 trees were planted by Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and 3,000 trees were planted by WWF-K casuals.

The final day of the tree planting exercise witnessed the planting of 8,600 trees in Kimana. Of these, 4,300 were planted by FBOs and 4,300 were planted by the Miti Festival team.

A Collective Effort for a Greener Future

The success of the Miti Festival Tree Planting Exercise is a direct result of the unwavering commitment and dedication of all those involved. From the organizers to the volunteers, everyone played a part in making this event a success.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the following partners for their invaluable contributions:

* WWF-Kenya
* KCNRN (Kajiado County Natural Resources Network)
* The County Government of Kajiado
* The Kenya Forest Service
* Water Resources Authority
* Equity Bank
* Greening Loitokitok
* Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs)

Your unwavering support and dedication were instrumental in the success of this event, which resulted in the planting of over 35,000 trees. Your intentional efforts have undoubtedly made a lasting positive impact on the environment and the lives of many people.

Thank you for your amazing support!

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